Bien Cuit

Flour, water, salt and a leavening agent are all that is needed to make a type of food that has kept much of the world alive for thousands of years. While each region, village, and household over time has developed its own approach to fermentation and baking, bread has remained a common thread of humanity. Some things never change and we believe it is in the hands of the craftsman to make such a basic food extraordinary.

In keeping with a traditional approach to bread making, we use local flours and a method known as small batch mixing. By doing this, our bakers have the ability to give each loaf the same level of attention that a baker would have hundreds of years ago when mixing was done entirely by hand. This gives more control over the fermentation process and allows us to maximize the quality of each loaf.

We pair this technique with slow fermentation, which requires 16 to 68 hours for each loaf depending on the type of bread and the region of its origin. In doing this, we are able to maintain a balance in acidity while promoting the aromatic and flavor-oriented nuances found only in a loaf of this maturity.

The age-old approach to baking was always a three-day process from mix to bake. We continue this tradition and believe it makes all the difference.

Our pastry selection, like our breads, is broad in variety and technique. Traditional viennoiserie gives us the chance to honor the origins of European breakfast pastry and confectionery, as well as expand on items that we feel capture some of the personality and diversity of our own nation. While a few flavor combinations have proven themselves timeless and beloved, we also use our pastry cases to take advantage of the bounty of North American East Coast farmlands. Sourcing our ingredients from reliable suppliers and local farmers, we want to know where our food comes from and to compliment the changing seasons with our baked goods.

The bakery has always been at the heart of each community. With a single oven baking for the entire village, it has been a place for people to gather and connect through a common food. We feel it is our responsibility as artisan bakers to maintain this tradition and to offer our own local community the same quality of breads and pastries that have existed for hundreds of years.


The Art of Bread

One of the world's most celebrated bakers shares his insider’s secrets to making his delicious, artisanal bread that will have home bakers creating professional-quality products in no time—and inexpensively.